The region

Le Tournesol is located in Chappes (Allier), a small town in centre of France.

In this beautiful area there are several walking and biking routes. We would love to tell you more about the possibilities. The Allier has many charming old towns and cities where you can go back in time. In the area you can find several flea markets and terraces where you can enjoy a beverage in the sun!

Moulins is the capital of the Allier department and lies next to the river with the same name, Allier. This is also a place we highly recommend visiting while you are staying with us.
The city centre has everything you want, from timber framed houses, the old cathedral but also small, paved streets with local shops and restaurants.

In Vulcania you can discover the spectacular volcano area. At 15 minutes distance of Vulcania there lies Clermont-Ferrand. A visit to Clermont-Ferrand is definitely worth it.